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Semi-towed fallow cultivator KPN-3 «Vakula»


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This cultivator is applied for plant soil cultivation in all climate zones to the depth of 5 to 15 cm, excluding areas of stony soil.

The operating tool of this cultivator is a regular center hoe 270 mm wide. However it is located on a stiffly fixed leg enabling high quality cultivation at a set depth. The operating tools do not rise in hard soil.

Three types of this cultivator are supplied for all tractor classes.

Disassembly of two half-frames allows modifying KPN -8.2 into cultivator KPN 5.6, and disassembly of two end sections allows modifying KPN-5.6 into cultivator KPN-3.

Sections and half-frames are connected with a hinge, which allows folding them in transit, decreasing the width of the cultivator. Hinge suspension with two wheels with pneumatic tyres is lowered and lifted using hydraulics, hence in operating position the cultivator doesn’t leave track.

Cultivation is performed angularly towards the direction of previous cultivation.

In operating position the cultivator is supported by front and rear compactors. Position of each compactor is regulated by bolts as well as cultivation depth.

Chisels are mounted in three rows on the central frame, half-frames and sections. They dig under and cut the lower soil layer and overlap the track. Enlarged distance between legs, if compared to cultivators of other manufacturers, disables cluttering of operating tools with weed roots.

The plate compactor, located behind the section of center hoes, breaks the clods and creates surface relief decreasing moisture evaporation.

The cultivator’s design features stiffness and reliability. Bearing units of the compactors feature self-adjusting closed bearings which excludes sidesway under load and prolongs compactors’ service life.

The rigid support is protected from impact load by a shear bolt and is made of low-alloyed steel of series hardening.

The main advantages for our clients who use this cultivator are:

  • Absolute weed cutting; weed remains are left on the surface which guarantees complete extermination;
  • Rise of productivity due to large coverage and transit mobility;
  • Economy of fuel consumption and labor, high quality of treated soil with formed seed bed.


Main agronomical and economical performance of KPN «Vakula»

Unit structure

Т-150 + KPN-5,6

К-700 + КPN-8,2

Type of work Preplant cultivation Preplant cultivation 
after harvesting barley

Field specifications:

- humidity of soil layer, % 15,1-23,6 4,1-9,2
- density of soil layer, мPa 1,03-1,76 1,54-3,36
- crest height, cm 1,1 1,0
- weed height, cm 12,6 21,1
- weight of plant remains on field surface, g/m2 750 138,7

Specifications of the cultivator:

- coverage, m 5,6 8,15
- machined depth, cm 5,9 11,5
- operating speed, km/h 8,0 8,13
- breakage of mellowed soil layer (quantity of clods of up to 50 mm inclusive), % 92,4 78,2
weed cutting % 100 100
productivity per hour (main/varying), hectares 4,48/3,42 6,62/4,98









  • Purpose of the unit Pre-sowing tillage
  • Cultivator type semi-towed
  • Unitisation 80-100
  • Coverage, m 3
  • Productivity per hour, hectares 2,4-3,0
  • Cultivation dept, cm 5-15
  • Operating speed, km/h 8-10
  • Approximate fuel consumption, liters per hectare 5,1-5,5
  • Length in operating position, mm 6 750
  • Width in operating position, mm 3 000
  • Height in operating position, mm 1 080
  • Length in transit position, mm 6 750
  • Width in transit position, mm 3 950
  • Height in transit position, mm 1 530
  • Clearance, mm 300
  • Weight, kg 1 990
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