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Wide-cut semi-mounted cultivator KShN-5.6 «Resident»


The cultivator is applied for main soil cultivation without overturning surface layer and can be used in all agricultural zones of Ukraine.

The cultivator features central hydraulic frame, two side half-frames, supporting wheels, wheel suspension, operating tools. Side half-frames feature a hinge connection to central frame, which allows folding half-frames in transit. Wheel suspension has a hinge connection to frame and features two pneumatic tyres, during operation wheels are lifted by hydraulics.

Position of the supporting wheels allows undercutting of crops at the depth of 10-15 cm. Thirteen chisels are located on the frame and half-frames in two rows, breaking and cutting the lower soil layer. Operating tool can be disassembled and changed when becomes worn-out.

The tool that wears out the most is the disintegrator, which can be turned around allowing double usage. The right and left patches feature a weldup cutting rim, which self-sharpen and improve quality of operation and save fuel. Support arms of the chisel feature a shear bolt to prevent damage.

The row of discs, located behind chisels, break and mellow the undercut soil layer and partially smooth the crests made by chisels. Compactors additionally break, compact and smooth the upper soil layer.

At optimal humidity this unit doesn’t create large clods and preserves natural structure of soil.

To prevent erosion and silting of soil, it is necessary to control the depth of mulch deposits. The cultivator allows very fine regulation of the depth, so that stubble remains are mixed within the upper soil layer just a few cm thick. Acids, which are the result of organic mineralization, will not obstruct development of plant roots. Straw mineralization is optimal on the surface, and fine cultivation enables simultaneous germination of seeds fall and weeds.

It is recommended to use the cultivator on rough soil after tillage for cultivation and preplant treatment, as well as for preplant treatment without tillage after harvesting crops and cultivated crops to prepare sowing of intercrops and winter crops.

Major requirements for qualitative operation of the cultivator are steady cutting of cultivated crops and optimal soil humidity.

In the characteristics of the data on KShN-2,2, KShN-3,0, KShN-5,6


Set of the unit



Type of work general soil cultivation

Characteristics of the field:

rapeseed stubble-field winter wheat stubble-field after sugar beet winter wheat stubble-field
- soil humidity, % 14,5-18,5 23,9-29,0 19,2-20,2 21,1-21,4
- height of crests, cm 1,7 3,0 0,7 1,6
- weed height, cm 12,6 12,4 - 20,0
- weight of plant remains on field surface, g/m2 220 203 50 320

Specifications of the cultivator:

- coverage, m 5,6 5,6 2,2 2,2
- machined depth, cm 6,5 17,7 10,0 15,0
- operating speed, km/h 8,6 5,7 6,4 6,4
- crushing of mellowed soil (quantity of clods up to 50 mm inclusive), % 86,9 86,9 97,3 91,3
weeds undercut % 100 100 100 100
productivity per hour (primary/varying), hectares 4,74/3,84 3,10/2,51 1,35/1,21 1,35/1,21








  • Purpose of the unit Basic tillage
  • Cultivator type semi-mounted
  • Unitisation 150-170
  • Coverage, m 5,6
  • Productivity per hour, hectares 4,48-5,6
  • Cultivation dept, cm 6-16
  • Operating speed, km/h 8-10
  • Approximate fuel consumption, liters per hectare 7,8-8,5
  • Length in operating position, mm 5 450
  • Width in operating position, mm 6 000
  • Height in operating position, mm 1 650
  • Length in transit position, mm 5 450
  • Width in transit position, mm 3 040
  • Height in transit position, mm 2 150
  • Clearance, mm 306
  • Weight, kg 2 780
Александр 25.03.2018, 13:23
Эксплуатируем культиватор 4 года, агрегатируется с трактором ХТЗ-170. Наработка за год 1200-1400 га, работает идеально, в ремонте прост и неприхотлив. В транспортном положении (сложен) удобен при перемещении. Претензий к работе культиватора нет.
Ольга 19.12.2017, 06:47
С компанией «Галещина машзавод» начали сотрудничать относительно недавно. На данный момент о компании только положительные впечатления. Взамен вышедшему из строя здесь был приобретён культиватор широкозахватный полунавесной КШН-5,6 «Резидент». Приобретали для предпосевного возделываниям почвы без пахоты. Со своей задачей справляется отлично. Все рекоменендации по влажности почты были соблюдены. Удаление сорняков, как и заявлено на все 100%. Сократились расходы на топливо. Единственный минус, это то, что в некоторых местах получились большие комья земли, но таких мест было мало.
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