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Growing corn as a business: how profitable and what is needed?

Is it possible to profitably grow corn in Ukraine, what will be required for this and how much income the farm can get? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Galmash is going to AGROSHOW Ukraine 2019: what is waiting for our friends at the agrofessional?

In May, an annual expo-fest will be held in Cherkasy, during which visitors will be introduced to the agro-industry novelties. “Galmash” will surprise visitors of the exhibition with new developments, we will reveal some secrets now.

"Butterfly" on guard of crops: soon the world will see a novelty from "Galmash"

Cultivation and weed control is an endless source of creative ideas for farmers. Perhaps it is time to release the “Butterfly” to the fields and forget about searching for the perfect tillage equipment?

Opportunities and benefits for family farms

Since last summer, the Tax Code of Ukraine has been amended to encourage the work of family farms. What are these promotions and how to get them?

"Galmash" presented its equipment at the exhibition in Kherson

С 26 по 28 февраля 2019 года в «Экспо-центре» Херсона прошла южная агропромышленная выставка «Фермер», на которой были представлены новые модели с/г техники Галмаш.

Efficiency of land resources: what determines and how to increase

The profitability of an agricultural enterprise directly depends on the type and quantity of the products grown. The yield of most crops is determined by the amount of produce collected from 1 hectare of land, respectively, the more centners with 1 hectare can be collected by a farmer, the higher his profit.

"Galeshchina Mashzavod" visited AgroTechService - 2019

The company "GALMASH" presented at the exhibition technological innovations and improved models of machinery already known to farmers.