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Рабочие органы дисковых борон: разновидности и особенности применения

Для эффективного боронования и измельчения растительных остатков дисковые бороны используют различные рабочие органы. Узнайте, из чего состоит дисковая борона и какие типы дисков лучше подходят для обработки почвы.

Эффективные способы сохранения азота в почве

Сохранение азота в почве является основной проблемой для многих фермеров, работающих на “легких” почвах. Мы расскажем, как повысить эффективность азотистого удобрения и избежать его вымывания и испарения.

Proper corn planting for higher yields

Corn is one of the most profitable and profitable crops and is used by many farmers. We will tell you how to plant and care for corn in order to increase the yield and income of the enterprise.

Credit or forward contracts? How to profit from the sale of grain

Forward contracts and deliveries are increasingly spoken about in the agrarian world. What is it? How does it show itself in action? Is it profitable for a manufacturer to enter into a forward or is it better to use a convenient and long-familiar loan?

The main technological errors in tillage to prevent them

Improper tillage can significantly reduce the efficiency of the agricultural enterprise and the owner's income. Learn about the main technological processing errors in order to prevent possible negative consequences in time.

Sunflower Diseases

Sunflower yield depends not only on the soil, planting site and growing technology. The development of plants and, consequently, of fruits, can be significantly affected by the diseases to which this crop is exposed. And so, the most common diseases of sunflower and methods of dealing with them:

Peanuts, corn, or vegetables: how more profitable to sow irrigated land

It is unlikely that anyone will decide to argue that the sale of corn or vegetables in Ukraine is the most profitable business. Only peanuts can compete with popular crops, because the demand for peanuts is excellent not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world, but few people are engaged in cultivation in our country on an industrial scale.

Methods of mechanical tillage and agricultural equipment for its implementation

Efficient use of land resources in the farm provides for the timely processing of the soil using specialized equipment. How, when and how to handle the soil in order to achieve the greatest yield? We will tell.

Mineral fertilizers and their role in agricultural production

Mineral fertilizers allow you to maintain the chemical balance of the soil to improve the quality of the crop in the shortest possible time. We will tell you what mineral fertilizers exist and how to use them.

Growing corn as a business: how profitable and what is needed?

Is it possible to profitably grow corn in Ukraine, what will be required for this and how much income the farm can get? We will try to answer these questions in this article.