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PAT “Galeschina, mashzavod”

In modern practice the up-to-date soil treatment technologies have replaced traditional multi operational ones. These new technologies are science-based and allow growing agricultural crops without pre-plant mechanical influence. They also enable a practically full cycle of preparatory sowing works by combined soil treatment and sowing units with only two field passes. This cycle includes major moulded and pre-sowing soil treatment, local fertilization, continuous or band sowing, after-sowing packing and smoothing of soil.

The major element to achieve success in future harvesting is high-quality, perfect agricultural machinery utilizing such technologies. Joint stock company “Galeschina, mashzavod” strives to manufacture exactly this type of machinery. Our plant has a longstanding history of professional formation and growth.

The plant was founded in 1940. Since the early 1970s we have launched production of equipment for cattle farm.

Since the middle 90s the plant has chosen specialization of manufacturing soil-treatment machinery - harrows, cultivators and their spare parts. The machinery, produced by the plant, is designed up-to-date to the West European analogs, at the same time its soil treatment technology meets world standards.

One of the major achievements of our staff is development and implementation of production of agricultural machinery for mouldboardless soil treatment. Utilization of such machinery, due to preservation of biological soil balance, results in considerable harvest increase (4.5-5.5 centners per hectare of grain crops), and also allows decreasing soil treatment expenses (fuel expenses decrease by 2-4 times, labor expenses decrease by 3 times, fertilization expenses decrease by 2 times, pesticides decrease by 5-8 times).

The plant has launched and implemented full-scale production of ten models of soil treatment machinery for various tractor classes from 14 to 50 kN (from 80 to 450 hp), besides new machinery types are being developed. Upgrading of technology for sowing grain crops and concerned soil treatment methods is one of the conditions of harvest increase and cost decrease. Next to soil treatment machinery we produce repair packing for manure transporters types TSN-2B, TSN-3B, TSN-160.

All of our soil treatment machinery has been tested at Ukrainian Research Institute of technological forecast and machinery testing and has been certified as corresponding to UKRSEPRO system. To develop new promising machinery we have closely collaborated with the scientists from Ukrainian National Agrarian University and Kharkov State Agrarian University. The machinery produced by the plant feature sophistication and reliability, it is affordable to customers and widely used by many agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, CIS countries and foreign countries. By widening the variety of produced machinery, our plant continues development and testing of new high-performance units. With this goal PAT “Galeschina, mashzavod” actively collaborates with foreign producing companies.

Our staff faces the future with confidence, since our produce have long won the trust of many agricultural companies.

Welcome to the machinery world of brand PAT “Galeschina, mashzavod”