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Disc harrow BGR-4,2 «Solokha» Disc harrow BGR-4,2 «Solokha»
Disc harrow BGR-6,7 «Solokha» Disc harrow BGR-6,7 «Solokha»
Disc harrow BGR-9,3 «Solokha» Disc harrow BGR-9,3 «Solokha»
Proper corn planting for higher yields

Corn is one of the most profitable and profitable crops and is used by many farmers. We will tell you how to plant and care for corn in order to increase the yield and income of the enterprise.

Credit or forward contracts? How to profit from the sale of grain

Forward contracts and deliveries are increasingly spoken about in the agrarian world. What is it? How does it show itself in action? Is it profitable for a manufacturer to enter into a forward or is it better to use a convenient and long-familiar loan?

The main technological errors in tillage to prevent them

Improper tillage can significantly reduce the efficiency of the agricultural enterprise and the owner's income. Learn about the main technological processing errors in order to prevent possible negative consequences in time.